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Post Oct 19th '06, 12:36

I have a physics model called surrealism I've been tinkering with for a while trying to make an interesting alternative to the standard weapon set but using built in weapon textures. I want to finnish filling it out, as its one of the better ones i;ve made to date. So far its gone well (though there are a few things i need to tone down) and I have the folowing weapons which work well:

handgun->4 shot double damage handgun, slower firing rate, but faster reload
Fusion piston->shield gun: secondary creates a 1wu simicircle of death but eats ammo *so* fast, primary heals about 1/4rd health per battery, and also eats amo like canibals on silent green.
shotguns-> double 7-shot grenade launchers, long reload time, inacurate. grenades now bounce. each fires slower than then original, really fun in combination, but serious amo hogs, and hard to use effectively(this is good, balances out their dammage dealing power)
assault rifle-> confeti/meat grinder gun. shoots lots of 1-3 dammage bullets with high inaccuracy. good close range weapon. eats ammo. 2nd triger fires angularly in huge dispersion, good for when surrounded. really ineffective beyond 3wu.

which leaves the rocket launcher, flame thrower, flechet gun and alien weapon to fit in. i've already tried a fusion micro-rocket launcher whihc is ok, but i can't think of anything to do with the rest.

its based on one of my models called real enemies step 3 (yes there is a 1 and 2) which takes alll the aliens and makes them move faster (most as fast as the player) shoot more, and take dammage more on par with a player while leaving the orginal weapons intact. its really good for honeing your skills. there was originally supposed to be a step 4 which made some units faster then the player and made alien weapons on par with player weapons, but i never got it worked out right.

I've posted them both so you can play with them and give me suggestions. thanks.

Post Oct 19th '06, 16:26

*looks pale*
I feel sick...This is like watching my 7C++ project but from a 3rd person perspective...
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Post Oct 19th '06, 16:38

Wait until you meet my latest bloodshed physics file...

"Hiya blue bob!"
"Look out! He's nuts!"
*bang!* *bang!* *bang!* *bang!*
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Post Oct 19th '06, 17:15

The Pf'hak - Read it.
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Post Oct 19th '06, 18:32

I realize that the files didn't make it, for which i apologize. unfortunately, it seems i can't upload them to the forum, and i don't have any web space at the moment to put them in. :(

Post Oct 21st '06, 18:37

well, i've had a little progress. Flamethrower now is affected by gravety, but has a 10wu range limit. so now you actually "throw" the napalm. also made second triger start angular flows for rapid amo depleation/flambay.

have both physics in fileball cue.

Post Oct 21st '06, 23:21

hate to chain post, but the files are up:

Surrealism: http://fileball.net/marathon/item.fb?345915771

Real enemies: http://fileball.net/marathon/item.fb?598299238

please give me feed back.

Post Oct 22nd '06, 09:34

I can't wait to try them [MGrin]
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