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Post Oct 14th '11, 22:55

*i think that this is in the right forum*

Ok. We have (?)HD Scenery, HD Weapons, Even TTEP.

But what about HD monsters?
I'm not asking for you guys to do the work, just explain If It Is Possible, and how?

Post Oct 15th '11, 04:11

Sure it's possible; it's just a boatload of work. Look how many hours Goran has put into his replacement textures, and that's just 5 small collections. It would also take a good amount of memory. Back on EMR, I estimated it would take 3 MB just to double the resolution of the player sprites. If one were to do HD monsters, they'd probably be rendering sprites from 3D models anyway. So it'd be easier, more efficient, and give smoother results to put the 3D models in the game directly.
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Post Oct 15th '11, 16:57

probably should have done this before.

What is a good 3-D modeler for mac OS 11.4.11?

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