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Post Oct 15th '11, 05:52

I've been toying with MML and I noticed the ability to alter the shell casing velocity and more. After tinkering with that specifically I never encountered a difference. Here is a snippet that should cause the centered pistol shell casing to fly slowly. But in game it sticks to it's usual routine.

<shell_casings index="1001" vx0="0.5" vy0="0.5" dvx=".51" dvy=".51"/>


My other calls to that same MML file work. I'm fairly new to scripting and wouldn't be surprised if this is an ID10T error. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
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Post Oct 15th '11, 17:24

The problem is the "1001" index. The MML documentation, for strange technical reasons, adds 1000 to lists that should really start with zero. (This is mentioned near the start, but it's very easy to miss.) So the real indexes are: assault rifle = 0, centered pistol = 1, etc.

Second, your settings actually cause the casing to fly much faster than normal; the hardcoded default velocities are pretty small. This MML will replicate the default behavior for the centered pistol:

<shell_casings index="1" vx0="0.0625" vy0="0.03125" dvx="0" dvy="-0.0025"/>

Dividing the numbers by 10 created super-slo-mo as you'd expect, so this line should give you a very noticeable difference:

<shell_casings index="1" vx0="0.00625" vy0="0.003125" dvx="0" dvy="-0.00025"/>
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Post Oct 15th '11, 18:00

Nice. Your casings gave me a good laugh. Makes me think I'm in a slow motion John Woo movie scene. I'm still scratching my head as to why the MML document describes the velocities in the way they do. Good to know about that 1000 issue. Maybe that's why my media fader wasn't doing anything.
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