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If someone wants to help I'd love to make this, I can edit/make the sprites, make textures, etc. Someone else imports them and makes maps. I just can't do it all alone (no experience with anvil/forge)
It's slightly based on Citizen Kane's scenario that never got finished

The Story:

An accident happened in the research facility named Polecircle, where you, Walton (every name has a meaning, once again :) ) work as a scientist. You develop suites to be protected in all hazardious conditions. The explosion luckily happened while you were testing the suite.
Only the lucky few who were wearing vac suites while the accident took place didn't get transformed into brainless beasts. Too bad those vacbob survivors stand no chance against the horde of zombobs. Always fun to hear those scream for help.
So you're trying to find a way out, but it seems like you're locked up; every way out is sealed off, an action from the government to keep the place in quarantine... So you go down, into the deepest, darkest and especially most secret hallways and rooms of the facility, hoping to find the cause and cure of the disease, but that's the last thing you'll find over there, because...
You find out that the building isn't just a civil reasearch facility but a scam to cover up its real meaning: it was a factory where half human/half machine beings were being created right under your unsuspecting nose. Apparantly you were working on a very early prototype of the top-secret MJOLNIR Mark V Battle armor without realising it yourself.
The "accident" happened because of a failed experiment. That experiment was meant to make the Mjolnirs (wearing the current-gen Mjolnir Mark IV armor) truly unstoppable: they were developing a gas that makes the cyborgs emotionless, bloodthirsty and immune to pain. The gas "accidently" got released in an explosion and all of the facility's employees who weren't wearing vac suits went crazy.

In the end it seems that the facility's work was done and the explosion was caused by the government because they decided to destroy all evidence and thus kill every single employee with the gas that only cyborgs could breathe. The cyborgs got the command of killing all remaining life: the zombobs, vacbobs and you, in your Mark V Batlle armor. They get their commands from an evil, government-powered AI: Godot (I couldn't stand it anymore).
In the last level you are being chased by ten angry cyborgs and the only thing you can do is run, because fighting them would be suicide. After all you find the way to the sewers (of course it's packed with zombobs over there, just like the rest of the game)
So it gets a bit hectic, but after all you get out of the sewers, into the open air, and the first thing you see is a huge fleet of strange looking objects approaching your colony... You see hundreds of evacuation ships take off in the distance.

In the far distance you observe 10 figures running incredibly fast on board of an evacuation ship with the huge letters UESC on it's side. Not knowing it's the last thing you'll ever see, you see the evacuation ship take off, flying the opposite direction of the alien fleet's.

The bombardement starts. You die.

There could be like 3 kinds of zombobs (=lol)
- slow, strong zombobs with a strong attack who always attack you in huge groups (looking like the one I've made). They could have different looks (some mising a boot, some missing an arm, some with a huge transparent hole in their stomach, ...) Although it would be a lot of work making all of those variations.

- very, very fast running weak zombobs, who scream high pitched as they come to attack you. They attack once and run away immediately afterwards. Then they run off to hide somewhere. Then they attack again, so basically they constantly hit-and-run, making it hard to hit them. It also would be quite scary to put those in very dark rooms with pillars and stuff.
Maybe that wouldd be a bit hard to code (the hit and run part)

- and ofcourse the cyborgs who are huge and use a rocket launcher (just use the marine sprite) fast, hard to kill, inflicts huge damage. Comparable to a Juggernaut in strenght.
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Well I try not to sound mean with these things... but...

That story sounds really corny. Im sorry but it sounds too much like a movie.
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Shadowbreaker wrote:Well I try not to sound mean with these things... but...

That story sounds really corny. Im sorry but it sounds too much like a movie.

ever seen resident evil? might be entertaining, but a little too corny/too much of a rip-off. maybe have it take place slightly after rubicon where you're deployed to clean up the last footholds of the empire, one is a biological facility. you go down, torch it with the bobs, but come back to find out that the bobs brought back the virus. then you have to go through the ship, activating teleporters, etc to go back to the planet and try to find a cure. have phor show up to try to rescue the virus at the same time you finally make it down there, so you have them, and maybe some local creatures too. have the pfhore take the ship and send it toward earth whilst your trying to find a cure on the planet, so you have to commendeer a shuttle or something and try to catch it to stop the disaster. maybe also include some use of vac-bobs and an isolated population of human surviers, as well as an AI directive for the ship's on board computer to preserve a sample for USEC investigation, the pfhore trying to make away with a sample, maybe having the ship actually make a collony before you get there and having to deal with the clean up, and then in the end having the USEC come in to clean things up, including you. I could also see working drundul in by having him send you in the begining to investigate the progress of a ship sent to clean up a biological warfare outpost which went missing after the assult on pfhore prime. Anyway, spice it up and make it interesting. could maybe spice it up with multiple planks where you have to choose between stoping the pfhore from escaping with a sample, or stoping the ship from reaching the colony. maybe also include an opportunity where drundul gets caught with his pants down so to speak and you have to choose between him and a large chunk of humanity. of course he lives on, but....you get the idea

what do you think?

hate to chianpost, but just struck me that you could also work in the other cyborgs by saying that drundul and the spht made you a breathing filter or-- that you have to turn off your external oxygen supply in the contaminated enviornments. the other cyborgs failed on that note, and are only partially effected by the virus, making them ubber nasty killers with purple shields and the like. also could work that so that you have to be in quartentein(sp) after your initial contact, and part of the saving drundal choice is you would have to expose the human crew memebers on the boomer to the virus. it would add challenge to the game and provide personal incentive to find a cure (no more constant need for oxygen recharges)

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And then they combine into the mega robot WALTRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just put that because thats what I honestly thought I read when I first clicked.
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hey tybo, good luck with it.
On a related note: due to recent calendaric events there's a lil zombie shooting flash game over at the simpsons home page ( only good for 30 seconds, though )
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Good luck with your project...but are you trying to create something scary (Within Marathon's engine limits...) or just a scenario with zombies n' such?
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Post Nov 3rd '06, 00:54

why not the zombobs be fast, come in swarms [not quite, but yeah] and when they attack, they just move around you while attacking you, making them damn too hard to hit. that would be better, of course the attacks would have to be weak... ||purpose: pkill em fast or they'll kill u-----be afraid of the zombobs, they are uly zombies, will kill u
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