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Post Jul 21st '12, 04:21

PerseusSpartacus wrote:I already have a cool idea for a scenario. Creepy, but cool. It'll include some modified stuff (i.e. shapes and physics, mostly), but it'll be worth it. I'll just say it has something to do with viruses. ;)

Do we get to play as a white blood cell fighting off a series of viral infections in the body of Larry King? I hope that's what your scenario is about because that would be creepy.
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Post Jul 21st '12, 04:45

im going to make a scenario where you are a businessman trying to make it to the top in a future corporate dystopia capitalist fuckworld where businesses run the globe and people are tortured as a renewable energy resource and big pharma is the universe dictator pumping MIND CONTROL SUBSTANCE into the people to make them do labor
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Post Jul 21st '12, 14:51

I'm going to make a scenario called Marathon: Spaceships! It'll be about spaceships and you play as a spaceship: the UESC They're Everywhere! You will be able to do battle against your enemies with fusion missiles, rockets, and fists! You will have to fight all sorts of evil spaceships like Pfhor scoutships, Pfhor supply ships, Pfhor battleships, Pfhor slaveships, Nar Privateers, and even DURANDAL.

The scenario will answer many questions that the Marathon series left unanswered like "What's it like to be a spaceship?" and other secrets.

Each map will consist of one polygon with everything textured "outer space". Maybe there'll even be some maps with "asteroid" polygons! If anyone wants to do the shapes and physics for me that would be great, I can handle the maps. And there doesn't need to be any sounds because it's in outer space!
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Post Jul 21st '12, 18:15

RyokoTK wrote:No, I meant, make real maps. KTA is a retarded waste of time.

I wouldn't say retarded waste of time, It's fun to just have maps just made for carnage.

On a side note, the level in the third section with only cloaked compilers nearly gave me a seizure.

Post Jul 21st '12, 18:21

I've got it! It won't be a three-level project, unfortunately - it will be a four-or-five-level project, with a short intro level at the beginning. ;)

Anyways, my project will be called...


It will have fairly minor shapes changes, maybe some small sounds changes, and most of the physics changes will be per-level. I won't even bother changing the main menu (i.e. the "theme"). However, each level will be the length of two. The basic background is that [spoiler]you are some officer guy (not the SO from the main trilogy) sent on a mission to infiltrate a Pfhor battleship. However, you end up unleashing hell on everyone, and I mean everyone on board, including the humans who have been sent in to help you reap data from the battleship's computer network.[/spoiler] The rest, as they say, is history.

Powerful experience to live in fear, isn't it? That's what it is to be a slave.
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Somewhere in the 19th Century...

Post Jul 21st '12, 19:54

Talking about new scenario plans is great and all, but this has gone completely off topic. If you want to continue any discussion not related to KTA, I'd recommend making a new thread. :)
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Post Aug 1st '12, 02:01

Whoever made bola soup needs to stop making maps.

Post Aug 1st '12, 08:44

VikingBoyBilly wrote:Whoever made bola soup needs to stop making maps.

Why do you say that? I actually thought it was the better of the KTA maps I made, for the most part.
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Post Aug 1st '12, 14:56

I hadn't reached Bola Soup yet, so decided to skip ahead and check it out.

First attempt: Spawned, looked around, took one step, disintegrated instantly by TC hunters and enforcers. I definitely laughed out loud, thanks $lave.

Regardless, I think it's a good map. Difficulty doesn't make something bad...
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The inner catacombs of a dark pyramid.

Post Aug 1st '12, 23:11

The whole map had a tendency to drop you into tight areas and spawn groups of pfhor where it's extremely difficult to maneuver around their shots. I found a (secret?) teleporter in the last area that put me back above which was a real saving grace. I don't know if there's more of those.


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