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Post Mar 25th '12, 23:45

just for laughs, I downloaded and started to play Marathon RED. I forgot how hard it was. How Very very hard . So, any help would be appreciated. I'm stuck on the power plant level (metaroids and all that) and I"ve managed to make it into sort of a chamber, where I get stuck, after watching something (or someone) come out in the middle from a band of green light, and zap me to death, and there's nothing I can do about it. I've tried to find any solutions/info about what to do, but have found almost nothing.

thanks for any help

Coffee, aka JB

Post Mar 27th '12, 20:29

The RED Volunteers series is the closest I know of to a walkthrough, in case you haven't read through that already. I never got very far in RED myself.
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