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Post Dec 2nd '06, 10:13

I made this "last man on the hill" gametype with lua just for the hell of it. Hopefully people will find it entertaining.

How the game works:

The game has different "rounds" which end when there's only one player left standing. A player that dies will have to sit out until there is only one player left, then a new round begins. If a player is the last man standing, he will get a point. The trick is, each player has a 20 second timer that they have to keep above 0. You can reset the timer to 20 seconds by stepping on a polygon that is marked as "hill". If the player has not been on the hill for more than 20 seconds, he will automatically be killed. This will ensure that players cannot win simply by hiding. Also, it'll make the game more interesting, since it will force players to meet in the middle. When a new round begins, each player is teleported to a spawn location, the timer is reset to 20 seconds, and each player will get their health set to 2x.

In the situation where there are 2 players left and one of them suicides against the other, the person that did not suicide will get the point for that round.

Two things are visible on the HUD. The first number on the HUD incidates how much time you have left before you must step on the hill polygon. From 11-20 seconds the numbers are green, from 6-10 they are yellow and from 0-5 they are red. The other thing is the number of players remaining in the round.

Maps and hosting:

This will work with any regular KOTH map. To host, select this script to use in the menu for gathering games and just pick any KOTH map. Set the gametype to KOTH and enjoy.

The download is here. Let me know if you have any suggestions or if you find any bugs.
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Post Dec 2nd '06, 13:30

Cool. I'll have to try this out.

Post Dec 2nd '06, 13:52

I played it; its pretty cool.
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Post Dec 2nd '06, 16:31

The only choice you have is the one I've already made for myself. Disappear into the darkness. Then make them fear the shadows.

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Post Dec 2nd '06, 19:06

This game is intense! Lots of sneaky stuff to do, too. I don't really like the yellow health though, what's wrong with red? Or "red-and-a-half"? Rockets?

Post Dec 2nd '06, 20:14

Yeah, I wasn't sure about the 2x either. I was just thinking maybe it'd be better to have longer battles. I'll probably change it back to 1x or 1.5.
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Post Dec 2nd '06, 21:07

really fun, i like it. i agree about the health now that it works, maybe 1.75 health, enough to elongate battles but not enough to survive a rocket. Also maybe instead of the player dying when the 20 sec countdown is up they get transported to the hill (if possible) it would still keep players from lurking, and teleporting into the middle of the battle should be disincentive enough for campers. It would make the gametype work well on any map with a hill regardless of size shape and weapon distribution.
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Post Dec 2nd '06, 21:08

This script is a blast - I really really love it.

BTW, I like the 2x, it avoids insta-deaths, which are irritating when you have to wait for the end of the round to respawn.

Also: I hate sf's idea of teleporting people to the hill. =p
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Post Dec 2nd '06, 21:22

Yeah, I don't really like the idea of teleporting players to the hill either. I haven't actually played this with more than 3 people, and haven't tried it with the 2x health. I guess I'll wait till I can try it myself and get a few more opinions before I decide what to do about the health.
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Post Dec 2nd '06, 22:10

The link above has been updated with a new version that only gives players 1x health each time. Also, it'll only teleport the player who wins the round, since teleporting dead bodies is pointless.
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Post Dec 3rd '06, 00:19

It does kick ass, though I wonder if it's possible for the hill to only reset it to 10-12 seconds or so. After playing a game earlier today on Stair Fortress, I realized that cowardice is still relatively encouraged -- as long as you touch the hill every 20 seconds. It didn't encourage a lot of direct combat until you were down to the last two, and even then, it was pretty indirect.
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Post Dec 3rd '06, 00:48

OK. That 20 seconds is a random number I picked. If the person hosting wants to experiment with different numbers, he can edit the script in a text editor for now. Just look for the TIMER_AMOUNT variable and change it's value. It should be the number of seconds you want * 30. Once a good number is found, I'll release the script with the appropriate amount.
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Post Dec 3rd '06, 01:06

Well, that was the case for CTF v1 or 2. I stopped my editor from using DOS format a while ago (I think so anyway). In other words, you can use anything you want.
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Post Dec 3rd '06, 02:16

Well, would it be possible for the initial counter to be different from the "reset" counter? Like, you start a round with 20 seconds (so you can find guns etc.) but you can only go up to 10 when you step on the hill.
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Post Dec 3rd '06, 06:50

I decided to make a 20 second timer for the beginning of the game/after a player respawns and a 15 second timer for when you go to the hill. I also fixed an issue where the carnage report screen would be messed up when you try to revive before the round is over. It now only keeps track of real deaths so the carnage report has some meaning.

This updated script is available on Fileball.
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Post Dec 6th '06, 01:43

Well, in case anyone likes to play this, I think I fixed a few bugs that were in the script on Fileball. You can find this new script here. This is what's different from the script on fileball:

- Fixed a bug where someone that stays dead can win a round.
- Added an icon to the hud when you're dead. Green means you can revive to join the new round and red means you have to wait till the round is over before you can revive. This should make it easier to see whether the round is over or not.
- Added "<player> has been eliminated from the round" when a player suicides.
- Fixed a bug where stepping on the hill would take you to 15 seconds, even if you had more than that.

By the way, I tried adding cameras to the script so you could watch the play after you die, but cameras like to crash Aleph One at some point during the game. So, this will not be possible.

I haven't tested this thoroughly, so let me know if it works. Specifically let me know if the person that should be winning actually is.
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Post Dec 6th '06, 03:29

Nice job dude, I haven't had a chance to really test it out, but it sounds like fun!
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Post Dec 14th '06, 03:56

I've renamed this gametype elimination because it fits better with new features that I've added. It now has 4 different "modes" based on how you host the game. It can now deal with teams, so the last team standing will win each round. Also, you can now decide whether you want to use the timer or not. The timer makes you go to the hill every 15 seconds to keep from dying. It's a good idea to keep the timer on for non-team games to discourage camping and to speed up the gameplay. With teams however, you can probably use more strategy if you don't have to worry about resetting a timer. All you have to do is change the gametype when hosting to pick whether you want a timer or not. If you want a timer, host a KOTH game. If you don't want a timer, host the game as tag. The readme explains everything in more detail. I'm not sure if I've gotten rid of all the bugs yet, so it's not available on Fileball for now. You can get it from The House of Luck.

If you try it out, please let me know if everything works correctly.
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Post Dec 14th '06, 04:06

Yeah, the different modes are nice, so you don't have to select a different script when you want to play with teams. By the way, thanks go to Irons for writing the code to implement teams.
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Post Dec 14th '06, 15:35

now that the script dl link is dead, i don't suppose you'd mind fileballing it?

Post Dec 14th '06, 19:15

pitty about the cameras, oh well.
In any case im glad you were able to add teams and fix that dead guy bug.
plus the mode changing is great!
great job! [MUp]
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Ledyard, CT

Post Dec 21st '06, 03:52

Irons noticed that infravision powerups were causing problems with this script, because you can't tell the difference between teammates and opponents. So, he modified the script so that infravision powerups are automatically removed from maps. Since there needed to be a new version anyway, I decided it would also be nice to alert teammates when a player picks up an invisibility powerup. The teammates of a player who picked up an invisibility powerup will be alerted with a message, "<your name> is invisible!" and also a sound to call attention to the message. So, powerups should work better in team games with this new version. As always, it can be found at the House of Luck and also on Fileball when it is approved.
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Post Dec 21st '06, 04:45

Renamed the topic to reflect Elimination.
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Post Dec 21st '06, 06:45

urrrrm, Elimination in most shooter games is where you have lives... it requires no hill or what ever, just lives, maybe if you did it like this, the kill limit could be the amount of lives...


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