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Post Dec 21st '06, 07:34

urrrrm, Elimination in most shooter games is where you have lives... it requires no hill or what ever, just lives, maybe if you did it like this, the kill limit could be the amount of lives...

urrrrm, that's not how it works here.
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Post Dec 21st '06, 14:38

screamingfool wrote:really fun, i like it. i agree about the health now that it works, maybe 1.75 health, enough to elongate battles but not enough to survive a rocket. Also maybe instead of the player dying when the 20 sec countdown is up they get transported to the hill (if possible) it would still keep players from lurking, and teleporting into the middle of the battle should be disincentive enough for campers. It would make the gametype work well on any map with a hill regardless of size shape and weapon distribution.

i say that when 20 seconds are over the unlucky player starts to loose health slowly.
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Post Dec 21st '06, 18:06

What about if a player sits on a polygon for more than 30 seconds, they automatically die?
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