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Post Jan 27th '07, 05:26

I think it would be cool if there was a contest to see who could design the most wicked enemy.

Just a single map, original weaponry, original enemy(s) with difficult ai('s) and difficult attacks would be really cool.

My idea would be to take an aribitrary number of winners; and if the creators agreed, turn it into a scenario.

One idea I had was a flyer that fired double alien shot at a distance and double napalm when close.
Or a pfhor cyborg that flies and rapidly shoots homing bouncing bombs at a distance and shotguns at close range.
Or a drinniol with a long melee reach and shoots, like 9 grenades at once at a distance,
Or a Pfhor that swings it's staff like 5 times in a row with projectiles like automatic fusion rifle fire.
Or Hunters with rockets and melee attacks,
Or design an ordinance and design an enemy to wield it, and have it drop the weapon when it dies

just some ideas
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Post Jan 27th '07, 06:49

My pride tells me to suggest that the wickedest monsters have already been created: Mother Of All Hunters/Cyborgs in The Gray Incident.

They're cool, okay?!

Runner-up would go to the Shotgun Enforcers in Xmas Sub/Xmas Icecave.
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Post Jan 27th '07, 09:22

How about the wickedest shapes for a monster.
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Post Jan 27th '07, 18:37

Sure Zott, what do you think are the wickedest shapes?

I was imagining a five minute, one on one, boss battle in a colloseum or thunderdome or something.

I'd like to comment on TGI RyokoTK, but for some reason I can't run sceA maps, only sce2 maps.

Post Jan 27th '07, 21:44

i downloaded the 2006 alephone and put the sceA maps in its folder and got them to work, so i'll check the mother of all monsters kyoko.

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