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Post Aug 25th '12, 16:26

Hey, Names Floyd. Long time Marathoner, A bit new at Mapmaking.

I've been working on a new scenario, with the Difficulty of RED, Fear
Factor of EVIL, and the boss Weapons from all of them!. But the Mapmaking seems a bit difficult for just me and my buddies alone. I was wondering, if anyone you knowm
or yourself, may be intrested. We were using OBED, but it's just a bit
to dificult for us.
I have expirence with the Storyline, and have it
all written up.

If you wanna help, email me back at

I'll give you the low-down on what nbeeds to be done, and I'll even
give you a place on the credits.

Thanks for reading and considering

Floyd Out.

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Death Valley

Post Aug 25th '12, 19:16

It would be nice to know what's been done so far + a few sceenshots to back that up so it might convince people to develop some interest for your work. Also I wouldn't use Obed unless your scenario is for M2.
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Post Aug 25th '12, 21:09

Asylum wrote:Pretty psyched already! Great announcement!

Didn't you quote the wrong post then?
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Post Aug 25th '12, 22:12

What's up, Floyd. If mapmaking is difficult for you&friends then you should start small, practice, and work on a smaller project before you tackle a full fledged scenario. There's a 3-map contest going on right now and you should submit some maps for it. Three maps is a manageable amount for you&friends to develop your mapmaking skills and to produce something you can get some feedback on.
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Post Aug 25th '12, 22:49

Asylum wrote:I did! I'm so silly!


Post Aug 25th '12, 22:50

A witch pot of old stuff, expirence with storyline, and Obed. I'm out! XD
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Post Aug 25th '12, 23:39

thankyou UNDERTAKER for this project 4 marathon game to play for fun and for leisure, hope 2 play soon
ps iloveyou, rip
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Post Aug 26th '12, 15:14

Well, The ALPHA version I was playing around with like 8+ years ago..Called Marathon Anarchy....I'll release that inna few Days when I'm done with the Mac-to-Aleph-one conversion.

Way Back when, I took the Weapons from RED and modded the Weapons into Marathon 2, some of the enemies are incinvible and invisible.

This led to about 6 month ago, I was running through my Old Mac, and I saw ANARCHY. I thought "Hmm...I could do better than this, I've got Techies for freinds. Should be fun." So far it Has.

And Could SOMEBODY Contact Ian McConville PLEASE? I need to get some tips from that guy, or at least a connection to a Marathon God. Idk if we'll put it in a contest....but I can tell Storm is gonna be one hellavah scenario.
Here's a video for AlephOne of the Beta Level. Lightning and some buggy thunder sound effects too. Enjoy. (In Downloadable File Attachments)
Floyd out.

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Death Valley

Post Aug 26th '12, 15:20

Sorry â?? the .filA format only encodes keystrokes (so we can't play it if we don't have the necessary files). You need to upload the map, or at least some screenshots.
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Post Aug 26th '12, 20:01

Just wanted to say, I'm willing to use any Mapmaker. Go for it. Whatever you Please. Just message me and we'll get a rollin, that is, if Alylum delcines XD
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Death Valley

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