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Post Feb 13th '08, 20:01

Unfortunately, I have lost my floppy drive (and a few months ago my memory stick), so I cannot transfer my map from my other computer. It is a shame indeed [MFrown] . Oh well, I'm sure itll have some sort of a home [MOh]
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Melbourne, Victoria

Post Feb 13th '08, 20:06

That's a shame to hear.
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Saint Paul, MN

Post Feb 13th '08, 20:17

Wait, did anyone ever figure out the problem with the lava? I'll figure that out right quick.
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Melbourne, Victoria

Post Jul 21st '16, 19:48

I liked it. It was very Christmassy.

There was red
Octovarius (6).png

There was green
Octovarius (4).png

Sometimes Christmas spirit is high
From too much holiday brew.
I didn’t know cyborgs could fly;
Did you?
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And one unfortunate event: this reveler’s cracker was evidently overloaded
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Personally, I liked the first and last levels the best, though I found all of them enjoyable. The combat was well paced and there was plenty of ammo. I especially liked the times when the bugs didn’t teleport but came from another location on foot. I realize that I don’t know about making the maps other than that it is difficult, time consuming, and requires a lot of precision and patience. That said, In My Humble Opinion teleporting enemies in is the lazy way of doing it. Monster closets, if handled properly, are much better. Even being able to sneak up on lounging monsters is better. They’re not frozen; they are, like soldiers everywhere, having a smoke, shooting the breeze, on guard duty, or just loitering around waiting for someone to tell them what to do but, of course, never hiding from the sergeant.

The most challenging place I found was in Flat Earth Society from the lift at polygon 671 to the switch at polygon 699. I must admit that here the fact that the bugs teleported down is what made my stratagem work.

There is one place (teleport polygon 754 > 761 in Flat Earth Society) where if you use the teleporters, you can get lost and in one case end up trapped in a room though I have been unable to duplicate that event.

The terminals were amusing and a good story though I often felt I was playing Pinky to the Brain.

Now, if Housekeeping would just clean up the mess.
I just play 'em; I don't know how they work.
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