Anyone have this problem with Eternal X?

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Anyone have this problem with Eternal X?

Post Feb 6th '14, 20:37

Has anyone had any problems with Eternal X and the latest release of Aleph One? For some reason on Septococcal Pfhoryngitis, a vast majority of the enemies (and BoBs) just sit there even if I walk up to to them. I also contacted Pfhorrest already and he couldn't recreate the bug so he wanted me to check here to see if anyone else had the same problem.

Post Feb 10th '14, 11:44

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Post Feb 10th '14, 23:15

Aleph One 1.1 made a change which unfortunately broke Eternal X.
This topic has the details.
This plugin will get it working again.
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Post Feb 11th '14, 07:13

Awesome, thanks Hopper. That MML snippet will be included in the next release of Eternal.
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Post Feb 11th '14, 13:36

I'm sorry this wasn't coordinated better, Pfhorrest. I'm sure you know, real life can be such a drag sometimes. It was a challenge just getting the last pieces of 1.1 together and uploaded--if it weren't for Hopper it probably still wouldn't be done.

So I second that "Awesome, thanks Hopper"
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