New example for Lua HUD authors

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New example for Lua HUD authors

Post Feb 23rd '14, 03:47

I've posted a plugin that recreates the original M2 HUD in Lua. Why would you want a Lua HUD that looks just like the standard built-in one? So you can tweak it!

The Lua HUD API was expanded in Aleph One 1.1 to provide all the info that the stock engine uses to draw the HUD. This plugin supports all the custom images, colors, and weapon layouts set by third-party scenarios, so it's the most fully-featured HUD that's not tied to a particular scenario.

If someone were to merge the weapon-panel code with the XBLA-style floating HUD, we could end up with a floating HUD that works for Rubicon and Eternal and Phoenix, etc. Or the inventory drawing could be copied to add "expert mode" overlays that give all the details the XBLA HUD leaves out.
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Post Feb 23rd '14, 05:06

Cool. When I get free time, I will dawdle in all this new 1.1 stuff.
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