more run-time assertion failures

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more run-time assertion failures

Post Feb 23rd '14, 21:32

Hey everybody. So again I'm faced with one of these failures, this time in "render.c" at line #1651. Last time I had one of these, my personal hero on here looked it up in the Infinity source code and said what it was. Since I have no idea how to do that, maybe I can be rescued again? Using the old tools, no Aleph, just Forge in OS9 via SheepShaver. And I only seem to get the error at a specific point. Almost like a transparent line or distance error but my limits seem OK. Anyway, any help would be appreciated.

Maybe I'll release some of my levels soon too, I have about eight now...

Post Mar 7th '14, 04:27

Forge crashes while dealing with a polygon vertex that should be visible, but isn't marked as visible. As you said, you'd only get this when looking at the problem polygon. I don't know what exactly the problem is, so you might need to narrow down the bad spot and redraw that area.

Aleph One rewrote that part of the code to not crash, so somebody else probably ran into this same problem, but that was long before I got here...
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