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Post Aug 17th '14, 22:46

Hey dudes. I've been sitting on a hoard of videos for years that demonstrated miscellaneous Lua I was working on at the time. It's all gone now. Enjoy! ... KEmMz6FPtj

Edit: wrong link
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Post Aug 17th '14, 23:49

I'm still anxiously awaiting the release of Aleph One Joust RPG
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Post Aug 18th '14, 00:11

Dammit, it'll be years before I can program that.
Presently working on andnomoreshallwepart.sceA
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Aboard the Manus Celer Dei

Post Aug 18th '14, 02:13

I posted the wrong link before. I've corrected that.
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Post Aug 18th '14, 05:12

Still the wrong link. I'm not getting Boredoms.
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Post Aug 18th '14, 09:28

Joust: It's like the running punch's big brother. Does the player have actual air control? It looks like the player's internal velocity can change while in mid-air.

Fragmentation: This may be my favorite, perhaps because the effect is elegantly simple, yet novel. It'd be cool if physics models had a flag in a shot's parameters to allow it to fragment, and if so it uses the max contrails to know how many fragments to create. Of course nobody's going to change the physics model format, but it's fun to postulate how this effect could've fit natively into the engine.

Freeze: I'm guessing you're holding the mic button to charge the freeze ray? Why didn't it affect the juggernaut? It'd be cool if you could swap the color table of the enemy on the fly so that it turns gray while frozen.

Shockwave: Ooh, now make them bounce off the walls! :D
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Crater Creator

Post Aug 18th '14, 13:08

I enjoy the fragmentation effects, if only for the cosmetic application. Its a far more convincing explosion effect. Damage would be inherently inconsistent using each fragment to hurt though.

I could also see it used to create some interesting enemy attacks though, like an 8-directional bomb like old SHMUPs.

Post May 28th '17, 05:50

It's cool to see what can be done.

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