Ultimate Marathon Update Thread #2

Discuss and unveil current Marathon projects.

Should I add new enemies (with the old ones, of course) into Ultimate Marathon?

Poll ended at Aug 7th '15, 00:28

Yes, add more enemies
No, have only the old enemies
Total votes : 2

Ultimate Marathon Update Thread #2

Post Jul 31st '15, 00:28

This is the most recent thread (to date) for the Ultimate Marathon project.

7/30/2015: Hello and welcome to the new thread for Ultimate Marathon. I have a few big updates for the project.

First, Ultimate Marathon will be moved from Unity 3D Pro to Unreal Engine 4. Second, Ultimate Marathon
not be hosted on Indie DB due to "lack of media to accompany the game" (this might change at a future
date.). Third, I will be putting up a poll on what the community wants to be changed or added in the game.
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Post Jul 31st '15, 02:09

There's no option for "add more actual content before starting new threads".
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Post Jul 31st '15, 03:36

There was no reason to make a new thread for this. Nobody is thinking "Gee, I've had twenty years to think about it, but only in the last few weeks have I made up my mind that new enemies would be cool." The "lack of media to accompany the game" just reinforces what we said before: talk is cheap.
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Crater Creator

Post Aug 23rd '15, 02:43

Proud of you guys for being mean.
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Post Aug 23rd '15, 21:58


You have started and not finished other projects in the past. Why would it be any different this time? I seriously suggest you step away; they'll skewer you here.
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