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A marathon based game

Post May 10th '16, 15:35

Before saying anything else: I think this topic fits here, if not, please move it to the correct sub-forum.
Four years ago (or five?) I wanted to make a videogame, before I knew Marathon. I started to make some simple sketches in an old engine and it was going fine, but I had no story or an inspiration to make more maps.
And luckly, a couple of months later I discovered Marathon. It's story, level design, atmosphere, and everything elese, inspired me to continue my game...
And my game got each time closer to marathon, not to its perfection, but to its story. Its "universe".

A month ago, I published the first "Chapter" of my game here: http://gamejolt.com/games/dead-memories/135056
Recently I added the english version for it, so you can play it.
I hope you like it, I left some hidden things for you (the marathon fans) to read ;)
I'm open to any kind of comments, if you think that something could be better or that something could change just tell me :).
I'm gonna make the chapter two later so expect updates.

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