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Post May 20th '09, 09:10

At very long last has Xmas 3 been properly released, about 15 months after it was "finished". Prior to uploading it, I also uploaded Xmas 2, thus giving fileball.bungie.org the complete set. From what I've heard, Bungie.org was the best place to upload them to, which is why its not on Simplici7y.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Xmas stuff, the Xmas projects were 3 scenarios that involved two Jjaro AIs desperately searching for sustanence. Goran was in charge of the first two, and Ryoko was in charge of the third (the only one with high res textures and crap).

Xmas 1: Submarine


Xmas 2: Icecave


Xmas 3: Starship



As for Xmas 3 itself, I did fix a few of the apparent bugs and changed a couple things:

* Impassible staircase fixed on level 2
* Lava tides fixed on level 2
* Problems on level 4 have been fixed
* Level 4 is now a vacuum level again, making it as hard as I originally intended it to be. I chose to mostly because a lot of the map still looked as if it was a vacuum map (being able to shoot into space).
* Credit screen looks better.
* Terminal picture looks cleaner.
* Added instructions for installation with MMLs, the scripts now make it impossible to join standard netgames without removing them, among other things. (like optional preferences script)
* Xmas 3 now has a working loading screen! It should keep you more immersed :)

Xmas 1 was already up, but Xmas 2 wasn't. Neither of those have been changed. Given that, there's no way of preventing people from joining the wrong netgames with those two, but hopefully if people are willing to play co-op they will at least know what standard infinity maps are called... plus, I wasn't meant to be script guy for either :)

Keep in mind - I don't take credit for any parts of these except the parts I specifically did. I just thought all three should be posted together.
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Post May 20th '09, 12:09

Glad to hear somebody was not too lazy :)
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Post May 20th '09, 15:52

lol, 15 months!!!

but Im happy as hell, finally I can play the third one.

Thanks for uploading the third one as well as the other two.
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Post May 21st '09, 01:35

Nice to see all of them finally up. I never was able to finish the first two because of lack of free time, but maybe now i can.
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Post May 21st '09, 08:27

Xmas 3 looked awesome. I think major component to this was the textures, because they really really look good
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Post May 24th '09, 02:36

thanks for actually caring about this shadowbreaker, I admit my slacking re Xmas 3
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Post Sep 15th '09, 13:45

Just starting Xmas 1
got to the second level
killed the 4 mech guys that are in 1 room
1 inch of health left
went to next room
I look to my right
RUN! around corner

This is going to be fun!

Post Nov 12th '14, 13:59

Hey, does anybody still have Xmas 2 Icecave? I found 1 and 3 but can't find #2.

Post Nov 16th '14, 08:37

Here you go.
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