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Post Sep 14th '15, 01:06

I've been running through Eternal with Forrest in tow over Twitch. If you want to watch me bumble my way through a Marathon scenario in the name of testing you can watch me live late in the evenings after work. Or, you can check out the archives before Twitch decides to delete them.

Archives (complete with audio issues and complaining):

Join the channel when I'm live if you feel like watching over my shoulder.
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Post Sep 15th '15, 20:30

Thanks for sharing these LT!

BTW on the topic of our discussion in that first video, I noticed last night while rereading RyokoTK's commentary on Far Side of Nowhere that it was actually you who suggested the platform trigger polygons and ammo hidden in the towers that it has now, as a compromise between "there's no need to visit the rest of the map" and "this is a pointless switch hunt for an expo level".
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Post Sep 16th '15, 07:57

Thanks LegacyTyphoon. In hindsight I always imagined my maps being too linear, but seeing you running around in confusion at times puts my worries to rest :)) I thought I made some solid walls at the beginning of Sakhmet Rising to keep people from grenade jumping off the map... apparently not...

Post Sep 17th '15, 05:00

LT and I did a third run through last night.

For reference, the first video is Far Side Of Nowhere to Sakhmet Rising.

The second is Sakhmet Rising through Roots And Radicals.

This third one is Roots And Radicals back around through Sakhmet again and on to Hysterical Womb:

Hurray we're on Chapter 2 now!
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Post Sep 25th '15, 20:12

I don't supposed anyone else has managed to play through successfully so that I can call this version done and get to work on the next before life jumps me like seven men in overcoats again?
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Post Sep 26th '15, 07:51
Here's the next set of levels. Listen to me be frustrated and bitch about level heights.
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Post Oct 27th '15, 06:38

Eternal X v1.1.0 final is now online, and I've taken the "last stable" v1.0.3 down at last.

The 1.1.0 final is the same as b5 with two or three very minor bugs fixed.

Further development (besides possible bugfixes) will have to wait for 1.2 which will probably be in another seven years at the rate things have been going, but as soon as life settles back down again I'll get back on that texture project, and then figure out the new toolchain and start brushing up the maps a little, and meanwhile I'll keep on bugging people to finally get those damn weapons rendered, and we'll see what comes of it all.

But for now, at least it's no longer just a years-old "beta" sitting next to an even-more-years-old "stable" version on the front page of the website.
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Post Oct 30th '15, 02:10

Congratulations on a finished project.

I like it.
I've gotten to 14 Unlucky Pfhor Some.

I just noticed, the editor spell checker flags Pfhor.
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Post Oct 30th '15, 14:42

It's like every year-old file I download gets updated in the next week.
Here's to hoping the monochrome/green display bug is fixed.


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