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Post Aug 20th '09, 04:13

Forge is perfectly capable of editing >1024 poly maps, though you can't use visual mode, or add anything over the limit.
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Post Aug 20th '09, 17:14

Use VM.Lua to texture it. Also, "Fire" looks great when it's completely textured. Unfortunately my Mac seems to have developed a consciousness all its own, a really, really evil consciousness so I can't upload it. :C

Post Aug 20th '09, 17:34

yeh i just havent finished the map yet... the oasis will have a cool battle feature, where theres this switch that raises a liquid, and the other team tries to hit the switch to stop the liquid, and then the first team must go somewhere and reset it to continue. the tide will take 1 minute to rise to the top and then they win.i dont know how to make the thing count tho... can you assign npcs to be real characters? if you can i could move a tick or something onto a polygon when the thing is activated so the thing counts time on the hill... anyways...

i dont think pfhorge will be able to do that... ive tried multiple other occasions with no luck... do i have an old version? ive got .95
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Post Aug 20th '09, 17:39

There is no 1.0, if that's what you're asking. Development on Pfhorge was halted. You could probably do something akin to that with Lua though I don't see too many people wanting to play that.

Post Aug 20th '09, 18:39

(Meta, get rid of your double post please...)

I also can't see many people enjoying a level like that. I really think you should take a look at what kind of gameplay is currently in vogue for Marathon netgames and start from there before you begin to practice these wild ideas. You need to learn the basic skills of mapping and possibly scripting first. Take a look at Simplici7y and Fileball.
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Post Aug 20th '09, 18:43

Irons is right, this sounds like it would only be fun to somebody who really sucks at regular net games.
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Post Aug 24th '09, 17:23

Treellama wrote:... somebody who really sucks at regular net games.

dat would be me.

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