TC going from Mac Classic to Windows, a couple of questions...

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Post Jan 6th '10, 21:30

Treellama wrote:If you make a default preferences file, you can call it whatever you call the prefs file in MML (for example, Marathon Infinity Preferences) and put it in the root folder of your scenario. If no prefs are found for the user, the engine will use those as defaults when creating the prefs.

Works perfectly! Thanks a bunch!

gmanyo wrote:Is there any chance you will give the Marathon Community a shot at this?

I really wish I could, but there are several good reasons not to.

However, the basic idea might be reused in the future. Some friends of mine want to make a commercial game, and I will actually use this TC in order to pitch the idea to them. If they like the idea (which I suspect they will, it is a good idea and it works perfectly for multiplayer) you will perhaps see a game based on this TC in the future. I suspect it will not use the AO engine though, but I will be sure to mention it in the "directors commentaries", and also perhaps include the TC as a little tidbit in the "collector's edition" box. ;)



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