Route 66 remake for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Route 66 remake for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Post Jul 12th '17, 12:30

As a little love letter to Marathon I recreated Infinity's netmap Route 66 as a Counter-Strike 5v5 "Fight Yard" (last man standing team deathmatch with in-map weapon placement) map. Enjoy!

Download b1:
Doctor Nuriel

Post Jul 12th '17, 20:18

Looks really nice. Good work.

Now remake "5-D Space".
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Post Jul 12th '17, 22:12

Thank you :D

I made sure to add some fan service to the map. Not only is the Citadel of Antiquity there, there's also Eat It, Vid Boi's structure (or at least a low poly representation of it) at its base! And then there's the moon with Tycho's crash site and epitaph.
Doctor Nuriel

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