Marathon Latino [Proyect to Translate Marathon Games]

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Marathon Latino [Proyect to Translate Marathon Games]

Post Sep 7th '17, 23:49

Project dedicated to the translation of the Marathon saga, initiated by Bungie in 1994 with the appearance of the first game for Macintosh, namesake of the saga. As an ancestor of Halo, Marathon understands an expanded universe related to different titles taken by the study through history, that make up the Universe of the saga. Our goal is to translate to leave the immense history behind the games that make it up to the service of the Latin community.

At the same time, the Marathon community has worked to create its versions within the Marathon Universe, achieving quality products. For this reason, we will also take into account the translation of the different versions made by the community.

The titles to be translated are the following:

Marathon - Not Started, compatibility issues

Marathon 2: Durandal - In Progress -- 6/27 Solo Levels -- Estimated Time: 27 weeks

Marathon Infinity - Not Started

Marathon Rubicon X - Not Started

Marathon Red - Not Started

Marathon EVIL - Not Started

Marathon Tempus Irae - Not Started

Marathon Ethernal - Not Started

Marathon Phoenix - Not Started


Siege of Nor'Korh - Not Started
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Post Sep 8th '17, 04:12

Question: how do you plan on handling Thoth's dialogue, and the weirder parts of Infinity? Both are written in this fragmented style that's difficult enough to understand in English (compounded by Infinity being very mind-screwy in general), and all I know about Spanish grammatical structure is that it's usually subject-verb-object.

(Also, word of advice wrt: Infinity: there's some grammatical goofs and spelling errors which might complicate things a bit)

As was mentioned before, there is an existing Spanish translation of M2 via its XBLA port, but I have no idea how accurate it is. Might be interesting to do a comparison between that script and yours, if you get a chance to extract the former.
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Post Sep 8th '17, 09:53

Unfortunately, they are not going to be professional translations or high quality, but at least an approach for people who do not understand English.

About Thoth and the consoles of Marathon Infinity:

My idea is to decode the message in the terminal, understand the meaning (using Marathon Story as a support) and transcribe a similar feeling with the words and letters of the translation.

I know it will never be the same, but even if it's a similar feeling.

For now I am in The Citadel and the consoles S'pth are complicated by their poetic sense of the S'pth war and the definitions of words vary a lot, but it is understood when analyzing critically.

About the Spanish:

Yes, although the structure of the Ibero - American language is more complex than it seems, transcribing the subject - verb - object structure to another variant is valid, although not totally accepted by the general colloquy at all times.

About the Port of M2:

I do not know how to extract the information from the port, I'll look it up to see if I can emulate it on my PC, and if I can get something out of that games. Unfortunately, I do not have the technical skills to do it - for now (?) -, and it would be interesting to compare.

Many words that do not have a Spanish translation complicate and the comparison would help me follow the same line of translation.
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Post Sep 10th '17, 10:06

The chapter "Garrison" has been successfully completed, which it can. There are several interesting things in this chapter. On the one hand, we see a Durandal trying to find something about the antiquity of the S'pth that can serve to battle the Phfor and slow down their conquests.

... Every day that passes, I am more surprised of this game ...

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Post Sep 10th '17, 13:20

The "I see you cheating there, cheater" terminals are kinda amusing. XD

(Rubicon has something similar; in that case it's aimed at people who read the terminals in an old third-party program, rather than in-game. Those don't come from Durandal, though)
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Post Sep 11th '17, 13:39

Hosted Demo spanish map of Marathon Durandal in

Ver Log

0.1v Demo of Spanish Map for test

Cap 1 Lh’owon playable


1. Waterloo Waterpark
2. The Slings & Arrows of Outrageous Fortune
3. Charon Doesn’t Make Change
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Post Sep 11th '17, 22:10

So Marathon Latino isn't about shooting Pfhor dressed as cholos?

Post Sep 11th '17, 23:37

No ... It's only for Halo Latino. LOL

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Post Sep 13th '17, 19:34

I was wondering how long it would take before somebody posted that picture...
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