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Post Oct 27th '17, 15:44

RadBurn wrote:Windbreaker's Sovereignty map pack added ...

You're really going strong. If you're still editing map packs, I'd be glad to join in and help some more.
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Post Oct 27th '17, 16:26

Flowers wrote:If you're still editing map packs, ...

My seasonal summer job is coming to a close and with that I'll be moving to the east coast in just a few days. I arranged my life so that this past month gave me ample free time without knowing what I would do with it besides get ready for the move. This project was something I wanted to do ever since I was a teenager and it feels good to get it done after all these years. I can't promise much commitment to the Marathon scene from this point forward. I do have more planned for this project but any updates or enhancements would be a ways out.

Flowers wrote:... I'd be glad to join in and help some more.

If you or anyone else converts more maps ( or adds more content ) I would upload it to my drop box and link the download to this thread's original post. Simplci7y just isn't working on my end for some reason but I am completely fine with anyone sharing any of this on Simplici7y as long as credit is given to the authors of the content included.
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