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Post Oct 9th '17, 05:27

pacman.png ...

Play as Pacman searching for cherries to refill his health and pellets to get a couple extra shots against the oppressive ghosts.

Coming soon - Chaingun, Flaming Skulls, More Levels, Rampant AI, Mega Story, 5D Space, Even More Levels, Lasers, Heart Pounding Music, Physical Box Definitive Release, Kickstarter, Steam, GoG, and Simplici7y

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Post Oct 9th '17, 12:21

Don't forget a title screen
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Post Oct 9th '17, 18:30

Can this be considered canon within the Marathon universe?
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Post Oct 9th '17, 22:05

Flowers wrote:Can this be considered canon within the Marathon universe?

It is canon, though not very relevant to the main story. When Durandal was powered on for the first time he was subjected to a series of check list tests. One scientist thought it might be interesting to see how an AI would adapt to playing Pacman as one of those tests. Later during Durandal's rampancy he assigned an idle nanosecond to assemble Pacman from memory. While doing so Durandal imagined observing any of those same scientists play Pacman against their will.

This is that game and you are one of those scientists...
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