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Post Jan 5th '18, 01:46

Screamernail wrote:Besides I don't even like games that much anymore. Better just quit right now. But what do I know, maybe I'll return to it and everything starts all over again in a circle of failure

It seems like you have time to invest in a hobby. The fun thing about hobbies are they allow us to be curious and creative within parameters that we are comfortable in. A hobby should nurture your soul and never leave you stressed out.

We spend our lives working and sleeping and doing miscellaneous other necessities that vary from person to person. After all those hours doing what needs to be done we are rewarded time to have a hobby. That time should be used for whatever your psyche needs. Some people go to the gym. Some people read books. And others watch tv, play video games, build model planes, whatever...

It is your time to invest in yourself. If your instinct is telling you to move on then take a day or two away from this and then reassess how you feel.
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Post Jan 25th '18, 19:02

I think I'll be in a training phase for awhile. So Green is in a hold.

Post Aug 20th '18, 13:43

I've been listening to the Cryptark soundtrack and have gotten an idea for Green. Maybe I should work on this.


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