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player light setting - If there are no light sources, at what distance should things appear black?

light="0" -- In the dark you shan't be able to see your fist in front of your face.
No votes
light="0.1" - you can see your weapons and walls/monsters you're right up against
light="0.2" - current setting on 0.0.13-alpha, you can only see about 1 WU
No votes
light="0.3" - current setting on git, you can see for about 2 WU.
light="0.4" - you can see about 3 WU, most things are visible
No votes
light="0.5" - original setting, you can see for about 4 WU, only very large areas are black
Total votes : 6

Re: Marathon 1 Redux

Post Nov 27th '19, 05:46

Thanks for testing it out! Yes, I noticed a huge cluster can form in the northeast corner of the ringing hallway, but I've been able to get through without harming anyone. I've been considering tightening things up in a few places, by going to 1 WU wide, 2 polygon wide corridors, but mainly for upper levels and some short connecting bits. The 1.5 WU hallways are easy to do and guarantee passage, but don't always look good.

Any thoughts on the security folks, armed with flamethrower, bouncy grenades, and shotguns? I think I ought to lower their vitality a bit. The shotgun guy is waaaay powerful if you can keep him alive, and I couldn't place more than 1 without seriously messing up the balance, but I really wanted to put something behind Durandal's "'cause I've got a shotgun, and you ain't got one."
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