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After trying 0.0.8-alpha, should difficulty be adjusted so:

Monsters have more Vitality (makes Normal consistent at TC+ expense)
Monsters fire longer bursts (makes Normal consistent at TC+ expense)
Promote all the minors (makes TC consistent at the expense of variety)
No votes
Remove the extra monsters (makes TC consistent at Normal's expense)
Restore "Easy" difficulty
No votes
I'm a wuss. Give back "Kindergarten"
No votes
Other (explain)
No votes
Total votes : 5

Re: Marathon 1 Redux

Post May 14th '18, 19:03

"Prologue", not "prolouge". :p But typos aside, I agree; it looks really good.
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Post May 15th '18, 10:58

Thanks! Typo fixed.

Up on GitHub, I've fixed hopefully all of the scenery and landscapes for the levels Never Burn Money, Defend THIS!, The Rose, and Smells Like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken. I've configured the teleporters to take you either through the three more complete levels, or through all the incomplete levels, so one does not necessarily need to cheat-start.

The current standin first level should be functional as a multiplayer carnage, KTMWTB, and possibly KOTH map, in case you want to test out the staff and trooper gun on fellow players.

I plan this week to do some minor updates to terminals, pull in more texture & music assets, and do some more work on G4, aiming for a 0.0.9-alpha release on Friday.
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Post May 19th '18, 09:33

0.0.9-alpha released on Simplici7y and GitHub!

I may be repeating myself here as the below has been basically copied and pasted between Simplici7y, Github, and here, and the list of things done is derived almost entirely from my GitHub commit history.


I'm trying to get the project ready for something I can call beta. As such, far more work has been done on the assets than on level design, although I did some work on Arrival. 12 levels included & converted to Redux format - prologue through G4. Since they are lacking in polish, the opening "level" offers two terminals, one to take you straight to the more finished areas and another to take you through the rest.

All monsters should be good except the human soldiers, who have sequences but still need offsets in their low-level shapes, and the Hound, which someone else is working on. All human scenery that have 3D models have been given 8-way sprites as a fallback due to an Aleph One bug.

Title screen backgrounds created from Marathon box art.
Two new chapter screens mocked up.
Two more MIDA textures.
Tycho term logon on Defend THIS!
Symbolic Interactionism terminal art.
SMG now fires 6 grenades for balance.
Alien rifle renamed alien SMG.
Invisible oxygen ticks added to Arrival hangar and Cool Fusion vacuum chamber.
Tacticus rendered an Alien weapon detonation effect, major fusion bolt sprite, and major fusion bold detonation effect.
Glowmap added to the firey wall textures.
Term art tweaks.
Removed the annoying slidey switch animation.
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