Xmas 1-2-3, Winter 1, Narcotics, and a dangling map

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Xmas 1-2-3, Winter 1, Narcotics, and a dangling map

Post Feb 5th '18, 22:24


I just flooded Simplici7y:
  • I copied Xmas 1 from fileball.whpress.com to Simplici7y for completeness.
  • I uploaded Xmas 2 from my backup drive.
  • I uploaded Xmas 3 from my backup drive (in 2013).
  • I uploaded Winter 1 from my backup drive.
  • I released Narcotics: a 2-level mini-scenarion derived from my contributions to Marathon Syndicate.
  • I released Thrudnesday, a cool map I once made for Marathon Shadow.

This is also my farewell to this community.

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Post Feb 5th '18, 23:22

Dunno if you'll see this post, but: many thanks for uploading these. I was worried that the Xmas series and Winter would remain lost.
welcome to the scene of the crash
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Post Feb 9th '18, 02:43

Thanks for posting those.
When I discovered Xmas3 and found that the others were unobtainable as zips I was sad
but now I'm happy again.
Best wishes on whatever you're going to do.
I just play 'em; I don't know how they work.
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Post Feb 13th '18, 06:25

dude thanks
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