Marathon: Paths of Jjaro.

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Marathon: Paths of Jjaro.

Post Jun 8th '18, 02:04

So. At the end of the day, this is the place I must come.
I'm announcing Marathon: Paths of Jjro, a 3d Marathon game.
Some may already know. And I think that at the end of the day most of you will do.

I started this project as just 3d remake of characters. Started with the S'pht, then tried with M.A.D.D.s, then Bobs, then Vacbobs... then... Someone asked for a VRChat Port. I couldn't archive it, but I got interested in making the whole thing into a game. Then I found that the Blender-Godot workflow was amazingly easy.

And well, here are some pictures


The map shown is Windbreaker's Yucatan Dive.

If anyone wants to give me a hand, I'll really appreciate it.
I made a discord to chat about this thing:
I'm going to update this post with a link to the source code of the project, in about a day.
See you starside ;)
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Post Jun 8th '18, 07:26

I want to be part of this but I need to learn some things and need to finish Marathon Durandal.

But I can still be part of the project cause, why not?
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Post Jun 9th '18, 21:31

Looks really cool. I want to get into Godot someday as Blender is somewhat comfortable for me and it's what I made a lot of my characters with except for the humans which Make Human helped out with..
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Post Jun 11th '18, 09:39

This is a massively better start to a project than some ugly title screen artwork. You have my attention, and my best wishes for the success of your project.
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Post Jun 18th '18, 23:52

Thanks guys! I forgot to edit the post with the link to the source code so here it is:

Source code:

Post Nov 2nd '18, 05:22

I'm posting an update to some of our previously shown content.
And I'm also asking for help once again.
From Reddit: wrote:We also need to recruit more volunteers so here's a list:

Notes: We're Using Blender and Substance Painter for 3d and Godot Engine as Game engine.

2D graphics designer(s):You'll have to create icons and outlines for guns, items and characters for the game

+knowing UX is a bonus

3D modeller(s):

You will bring to 3d the characters and scenarios that you once saw in 2.5D

+Substance Painter knowledge is a plus

3D animator(s):You will make the creations feel alive and move naturally

Community guy(s):We're mostly programmers and 3d guys, we need someone that can talk with people and prepare this updates for delightment of the public.


Least but not less important, we need people that have Godot engine, python or c++ knowledge, and game developement knowledge.

For now, there are things like weapons and AI that are being worked on and are taking quite a lot of time and effort, but things are getting somewhere. Expect more updates.

For some pictures, open this spoiler

Post Nov 2nd '18, 12:41

I'm currently attached to Marathon Chronicles (and trying to finish an unrelated thing) so I'unno if I can get involved with this full-time, but I'm willing to donate character designs if they would be useful for this project.

ex. The Security Officer, Durandal, Tycho, Thoth. (Art is from early this year, unless I get fed up and edit them)
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Post Nov 2nd '18, 16:10

Thanks! I like the AI's style, unfortunately they are gonna stay avatarless :/
Whenever you can, you have the discord link, we'll be there ;)

Post Mar 24th '19, 05:45

I know we're taking our time to post updates, but I'd like to inform that we're still making Paths of Jjaro.
You can check either Reddit or GameJolt to read the whole update, I recommend GameJolt as it will show an animated gif.
What will you find there?...

Post Mar 24th '19, 13:14

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Post Mar 25th '19, 12:34

Screamernail wrote:I want to be part of this but I need to learn some things and need to finish Marathon Durandal.

But I can still be part of the project cause, why not?

screamernail, finish durandal
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Post Mar 25th '19, 13:14

I did. For awhile now. (Christ I am slow)

But even if I can't work on this game, maybe I can give out some ideas for another one?

And yes I can't leave this place because it's locked on my browser and it's presence haunts me like a tempting ghost. So I can just say to everyone that I am sorry and that I have finally gotten the strength to do a game. (Non Aleph One related but still Marathon-like)
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