whither Traxus? and other changes

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whither Traxus? and other changes

Post Sep 3rd '19, 16:48

First, hi again. It's been a long time. Circumstances forced me to take a break, but now my kids are old enough to enjoy shooter games, so I've introduced them to Marathon a little bit. Thought I'd stop in here to see if anyone was still alive and actively working on anything. Very exciting to see just how much activity there is! You guys rock!

Second, what's up with Traxus? I had a 2-year-old PM asking me, but despite being an active editor there (at one point) I had no real insights into the management of it that I can remember.

Third, I had to re-DL scenarios. Is Tempus Irae still available? I didn't look long, but all I could find was hqx files. Not sure those are still valid on the Mac (or any platform) today. Are there any new ones in the past several years worth looking at?

Fourth, anyone care to summarize any other major changes in the Marathon fanscape of the past several years? Any new resource sites? Do we have bridges in A1 yet? An option for "correct" physics? Crouching or jumping? Sniper weapons? [MLaugh]

Fifth, anyone interested in seeing updates to Marapfhont? If there are new scenario/AI logos, I'd be happy to add them. Always wanted to add Merlin…

Post Sep 3rd '19, 17:32

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Post Sep 3rd '19, 21:05

Yeah, those six big ones were the first I hit.

Post Sep 4th '19, 10:30

wrt: Traxus, it's currently down, and I don't think sign-ups were ever made available without having to PM someone first. There is/was another wiki (Marathon Beyond?) that mirrored some of its content, but I can't find it.

Fanscape: Well, there's a new build of A1 (no bridges or proper sniper rifles yet, though). There's a couple of scenarios in active development (Chronicles, Marathon 1 Redux, Where Monsters are in Dreams), and I edited the Fighter and Trooper sprites to have more clothes/armour (look for my "Inm. Pfhor Sprites" thread).
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Post Sep 4th '19, 18:55

The version of Tempus you want is probably going to be this one. Should be .zip files.

I'm one of the developers of Chronicles and WMAiD, BTW, so if you have questions on either, I can answer them. I'm planning to push out another release of Chronicles relatively soon, but I'm undertaking the ambitious project of remastering the entire sounds file before I do so, and that's proving quite time-consuming. You can play the current alpha through the link in my signature. WMAiD will hopefully be ready for release sometime next year. I believe a current alpha of M1R is on Simplici7y.com, and if you have other questions about it, ravenshining is the one to ask.

We're also hoping to release a 1.3 version of Eternal next year (as well as a "bug fix" 1.2.1 release sometime towards the end of this one). We'll see how that goes. 1.2.0 was released in March. (I'm also one of the Eternal devs.)
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Post Sep 5th '19, 01:52

I just want to say hi and welcome back. Sounds like everyone else has everything else covered already.

Oh actually, speaking of Eternal, a currently-ongoing thing that's about to end is Rampancy.net's Let's Play Eternal 1.2 which should have its final episode (with me and possible some of the codevelopers joining the main hosts) this Friday at 7PM Eastern.
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