Remastered Marathon Infinity sounds

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Remastered Marathon Infinity sounds

Post Sep 19th '19, 16:48

I recently remastered the entire collection of sounds for Marathon Infinity. You can find the file on Simplici7y. A few notes:

  • Everything is 6 dB quieter – or in other words, roughly half as loud as you’re used to it being. The reason for this is that the game’s normal audio levels result in the game audio suffering from clipping distortion almost anytime there’s a battle. The reduced levels have resulted in the game distorting far less frequently – the main cases I’ve noticed it still distorting have been in melee battles with Troopers, though as anyone who watches my vid films knows, I don’t fire weapons very often, so maybe there are other cases.

  • All sounds now have frequencies up to 22 kHz that usually weren’t present on the originals. In most cases, I kept the additions fairly subtle, but particularly noisy sounds such as the Fighter staffs and the Compilers will sound higher in pitch. I actually haven’t adjusted the lower frequencies to any significant degree; this is essentially the aural equivalent of an optical illusion. I didn’t just add random noise to the upper frequencies; they are pitch-shifts up a whole octave (or, in some cases, two) under the principle of resonance. (This was one of the same processes I used to remaster Eternal’s soundtrack, by the way.)

  • I generally employed fairly aggressive noise reduction on sounds that were only available in 8-bit versions. This is, in part, offset by the aforementioned upper frequencies.

  • Occasionally I adjusted fairly large clicks and crackles in the audio where they seemed unintentional.

  • I also corrected for unintentional clipping distortion within the sounds themselves. Clipping distortion seems to have been an intentional part of the process used to create the VacBob sounds, so I left a lot of that in.

  • There are no 8-bit sounds – they would just have been wasted space, because no one who downloads a project like this is going to tolerate that much noise. If you have your sound preferences set to 8-bit, you’ll just hear silence.

  • This should work with any scenario that uses the vanilla Infinity sounds. You can also use it with Marathon 2 within Aleph One itself, but not in the original Marathon 2 apps for Windows or Motorola Macs. If someone for some reason wants to use those, let me know.

This is a first draft and I may revise some of these further, but I’m fairly happy with how they turned out. I’m likely to make similar files for Rubicon, Tempus Irae, Marathon 1, hopefully Pfh’Joueur, and perhaps others. I can’t make any promises for when these will appear.

If you have any issues running these, let me know. Beyond that, enjoy!
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