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Post Sep 21st '10, 18:13

Hello everyone. i (at the start of the week) desided to try and port Alephone to the Xbox. so far ive made Some.. progress. Still trying to understand all of the alephone source. but my main problems (aside from fatal errors and things reporting there not defined) is i have to use VS .NET 2003 to use the XDK how would i go about disableing Opengl? and also is there any DirectX render for Alephone? also after tons and tons of errors some of which i didnt fully understand i also tried working with the orginal M2 source code.. but since its all mac needless to say it didnt relaly work [MLaugh] i was woundering there was a port to windows 95 of Marathon 2 which i got a hold of .. but is there any way to get ahold of the source? as im still a amater sometimes. and people tell me its easier to start with a windows programm when porting to the xbox. and i also still cant get Boost to work with VS .. so if anyones compiled alephone in VS on windows even that info would be great ^^ also i cant seem to find which parts of the source code are just the windows (theres mac stuff in it too?) So thank you for your time ^_^

Post Sep 21st '10, 19:25

Respectfully, porting Aleph One is no small undertaking. It will require a lot of experience in C++ development, including knowing how to use Visual Studio and what the errors mean. The fact that you are unable to get a well-documented stock library such as Boost working indicates that you are going to find this a frustrating endeavor.

That said, here are brief answers to your questions: Aleph One does not have a Direct3D renderer. OpenGL support is disabled by default, and must be enabled by defining HAVE_OPENGL. Unfortunately, we've been sloppy about guarding OpenGL stuff, so if you are having trouble with that you might have to fix some things.

Following is a quote from the Marathon 2 source readme. If you are serious about porting things, you need to start reading the documentation that comes with the code and libraries involved.
4. This is the Mac source. The sole known archive of the Windows 9x
source was placed in a lead box and shipped to one of our island
laboratories for safekeeping. Unbeknownst to us, the boat carrying
the box made an unscheduled run up the coast of Madagascar, where the
ship's captain hoped to catch the end of the annual Miss Middle Of
Nowhere pageant. The ship was approximately six miles from shore
when it was torpedoed by a one-man sub purchased from the
Hammacher-Schlemmer catalog by a punter with more money than brains.
Divers are still combing the sea floor looking for the box containing
the Windows code, and if we ever find it I'm sure we'll let you know.

Since they haven't gotten back to us, I assume they never found it.

Aleph One uses a library called SDL to abstract the Mac OS X / Windows / Linux functionality. You will find very little platform-specific code in Aleph One itself.
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Post Sep 21st '10, 19:43

haha yeah i probly should start reading the documents. i am still a amater and just kinda dived in. and yes it will be hard and extremely fustrateing to me. but i am dead serious and set on it. [MLaugh] i guess really i should start by reading all the douments for SDL, SDLx, Aleph one, and Boost. are there any other dependices for aleph one other then SDL and Boost? im sure with some more learning and Good hard determination i can hopefuly get it. i also need to learn XDK and VS .NET better. as im more used to working inside of ubuntu. thank you for the reply ^_^ im going to study some more. [spnkr]

Post Sep 21st '10, 19:51 lists the Windows dependencies (as they are called in mingw-cross-env):
Code: Select all
boost glew libmad libsndfile sdl sdl_image sdl_net sdl_ttf smpeg speex vorbis zziplib

Each of those libraries may have dependencies of its own.
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Post Sep 22nd '10, 02:18

porting aleph one to the xbox? How is that even possible
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Post Sep 22nd '10, 04:19

HunterOfShadows wrote:porting aleph one to the xbox? How is that even possible

It is possible the same way its possible for someone to port something to linux or to psp. [spnkr] you use the XDK (which is what realy devs used to make even commerical xbox games ;) ) and you programm as per normal

and thank you again Treellama ^_^ your very helpful. i should read documentation. lol just like when i dont read intruction booklets and wounder why my VCR doesnt work >_>
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Post Sep 23rd '10, 00:55

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thats for the xbox 360 im working for the orginal Xbox

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