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Post Aug 17th '12, 15:23

Wait... Voicing?

Post Aug 17th '12, 15:25

listener wrote:Wait... Voicing?

Yeah I am going to be voicing for a Russian general for the I.S.A. forces.
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Post Aug 17th '12, 15:28

The (UESC) Master Chief (: wrote:voicing for the game
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Post Aug 17th '12, 15:37

The (UESC) Master Chief (: wrote:OK since we need to get M-4 to rolling ill ask for some helpers OK here is what help I need I need a Serious LUA scripter because I am useless at coding with any scripting language, I need a Spriter for enemies, I can handle textures, just not enemies, and I need a music composer, I have a sound composer Durandal 347.
If I get help with the stuff on this list, then we could do some actual stuff. New textures, maybe some sounds and sprites, and I could finally get to work on new physics for the game.

This is why we can't have nice things.

If you're going to ask for collaboration (ie â?? people do stuff for you or in tandem) rather than assistance (ie â?? be told how to do it and do it yourself), you'll need something substantial already completed to make it seem like their efforts will be well spent. There is no such thing at present.
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Post Aug 17th '12, 15:38

Dugit wrote:This is why we can't have nice things.

I don't get it why cant we have nice things
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