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Post Dec 15th '17, 21:48

treellama wrote:Am I going to have to play this scenario?


treellama wrote:SPOILER QUESTION: is /prize in it?

Only if you happen to find a certain set of secret levels. I needed something to give as a reward for such an accomplishment, after all.
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Post Dec 16th '17, 01:06

treellama wrote:Am I going to have to play this scenario?

To paraphrase an old but still living singer:
Everybody must play Yuge.
I just play 'em; I don't know how they work.
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Post Dec 29th '17, 03:04

If anyone just loves the texturing in YugePax and Yuge (if you ever try it with infinity shapes), I updated my set of weland plugins with a Super Pave plugin that will texture/shade your entire level for you in the Yuge style. Warning: It WILL overwrite all of your textures, unlike the built in Pave feature.

If you're OK with misaligned textures and somewhat ugly texturing, you can just use this plugin and never have to worry about texturing manually ever again. If you're like me, I absolutely hate texturing, and what I end up with is always ugly anyway.

In case I haven't already done a good enough job making this sound terrible, I provided compiled dlls for all of the plugins, but they only work on my linux box, not my windows box. Then again, the version of StairGenerator that Treellama recently compiled doesn't work on my windows box either, so I have a feeling the whole thing is a bit of a clusterfuck. If anyone wants to use these, I'd suggest compiling them yourself. The source code is included.
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Post Jan 15th '18, 09:51

'sup doogs.

W'rk just uploaded a new batch of 2304 Yuge Bigly Bonus Maps over at Simplici7y. Among several improvements are the inclusion of full community quotes from Mararthon: Yuge in the terminals, as well as a small effort from me: Yuge Bigly 2: Electric Doogaloo.

At the time of this post, you have 23,419 hours to go, Adminn. Better get to work! [spnkr]
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South Park, CO

Post Jan 15th '18, 13:30

One (Weapon) Way
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