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Post Jul 16th '12, 08:08

hi pallidice here and im trying to use visual mode in visual mode lua and i was wondering can u not see the texture your going to put down before u lay it. second when i lay it down the only textures i seem to get are panels/switches and scenery texture. ive tryed to scroll through so many times and those are the only ones that come up.

Post Jul 17th '12, 09:07

What shapes file and plugins are you using?
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Crater Creator

Post Jul 17th '12, 12:40

You need to turn off the HUD plugin in order to see the texture palette. Preferences -> Environment -> Plugins.
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Post Sep 8th '13, 09:03

Hello, I'm having trouble when editing a switch with Visual Mode.lua

I'm confused when trying to make a repair switch. Yea, must inserting a chip to activate the switch. How to make it done easily? Any ideas?
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