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Starting Mapping

Post Jan 17th '13, 20:45

Hi, I'd like to get into making Marathon maps/scenarios, and I was wandering if any map-making veterans out there could give me advice on the best Windows based applications to use, or any useful tutorials I could use to get started.

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- TheMoonChef
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Post Jan 17th '13, 21:36

Get the mapping program Weland here:
Download this lua script to texture maps in visual mode through Aleph One:

There are some tutorials on youtube that were made by Bungie for Forge that pretty easily translate to Weland. Also, the original Marathon Infinity manual has a section devoted to mapmaking:

If you get curious, you can download maps from and open them up in Weland to see what the mapmaker did.

Good luck! You better make some maps.
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South Park, CO

Post Jan 17th '13, 22:00

Windbreaker wrote:You better make some maps.
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Saint Paul, MN

Post Jan 18th '13, 10:37

RyokoTK wrote:
Windbreaker wrote:You better make some maps.

Haha, I will at least try! And thanks, Windbreaker for the help! I'll give it a shot once I get a chance. B)
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Post Jan 18th '13, 20:15

Windbreaker wrote:
RyokoTK wrote:
Destiny wrote:You better make some good maps.

Okay, seriously speaking, you should play some of the older scenarios to see what they did there. It may be able to help you. Also, another good idea would be to split Infinity's map and see everything in there.

Things you'll need to make actually scenarios are Atque, and you might as well grab Shapefusion. It might come in handy. Here's Atque: Shapesfusion:

I wish you luck in your adventure of mapping. Hopefully you'll produce something enjoyable.

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