Why does Weland ask me a math question?

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Why does Weland ask me a math question?

Post Jul 23rd '13, 22:37

I am currently in Weland, and I have a cool aesthetic I want to make but it requires me to know the platform speed that will synchronize at max height with an adjacent platform that starts at a different height. If that made no sense, let me give you the scenario:
I have a platform that starts at 0.000 and goes up to 3.199. I want a platform that is in front of it to go up to 2.949, but it starts at 0.250. What would the speed be of the platform in front be if the one in the back is at 1.133?
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Post Jul 24th '13, 05:12

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Post Jul 25th '13, 01:45

I think what Patrick's telling you is "learn algebra".

You want to find some number which has the same ratio to 1.133 as (2.949 - 0.25) has to (3.199 - 0).

In other words you want to solve for x in the equation x / 1.133 = (2.949 - 0.25) / (3.199 - 0)

So you want to find x = 1.133 * (2.949 - 0.25) / (3.199 - 0).

The rest is why we invented calculators.
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