When will Weland receive AO1.1 support?

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When will Weland receive AO1.1 support?

Post Aug 15th '13, 00:04

When will Weland, the popular Aleph One map editor for cross-platform editing, receive Marathon file format support, such as Map.scen and Shapes.shps, for Aleph One 1.1, which is currently in beta release? If Weland does receive AO1.1 support, then us cross-platform OR Mac OS users won't be able to make custom content for Marathon. I have recently confirmed that M1A1 custom content is not compatible with Marathon on AO1.1. I have yet to confirm whether or not Mariusnet supports Marathon. I suppose that Marathon maps don't work the same way that Aleph One maps work, so I will give the Aleph One developers some time. Until then, I need confirmation on whether or not support is being developed for Weland.

EDIT: I must know, will we be able to utilize the .appl files for Marathon?
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