Questions Regarding Capability

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Questions Regarding Capability

Post Oct 4th '13, 02:29

So while my time working with Obed has let me understand the basics of mapmaking, there were certain limitations of the program that kept me from experimenting. Now that I've switched over to Weland, I have some questions.

How do you get alpha and lighting textures to work?
And how about music?
Is there a way to make a certain sound play upon activating a terminal?
And is there some sort of texturing method other than VisualMode.lua?

I looked up some of this, but unless I'm missing something obvious, I haven't found any satisfactory answers. And I should probably be waiting to ask these until after I've already released a map, but oh well.
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Post Oct 4th '13, 17:50

You can get music to play via MML. I don't have access to the basuc script, but I'm sure others could give you what you need.

Unless you can use Forge, there isn't any other way for texturing. We should be thankful that we have VML.

I don't think I have the answers for the other two.
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Post Oct 4th '13, 21:03

Is there a way to make a certain sound play upon activating a terminal?

Besides changing the default terminal entry sound, you can use Lua.

Code: Select all
Triggers.terminal_enter(terminal, player) --whenever a player starts using a terminal

player:play_sound(sound, pitch)


I make no warranty that code actually works properly. You'll want to check out the Lua scripter's guide from the Aleph One docs folder.
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