Transparent door/portcullis/gate

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Transparent door/portcullis/gate

Post Nov 22nd '13, 21:57

Is there any way to create a transparent door, i.e., using a transparent texture on a platform side that will allow the player to see through it when extended? The answer seems to be 'no', but I thought I'd ask the experts before giving up. Is there perhaps some trick to do something like this?

For context, I've included a little sample map to show what I mean. What I want is to for the player and monsters to be able to see and shoot each other after the trap has sprung and the big door has closed behind the player.

Any ideas?
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Post Nov 22nd '13, 22:31

You could use vertical bars instead of one solid door, which allows both sight and shooting. To get a less boxy look, you could make the bars out of scenery instead of polygons, and set them on top of a very thin door polygon. In the "open" state, it and the scenery are beneath the normal floor level, and in the "closed" state it's at or near floor level, pushing the scenery up to block the walkway. With MML you can set the scenery's radius to be very small, and the height to suit the doorway. I'm pretty sure this works, but I can't recall an example.
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Post Nov 25th '13, 01:13

I believe we did that in the medieval levels of Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge. The bars may have technically been monsters, so that you could break them down using Excalibur.
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