Items disappear from Weland -check out video

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Re: Items disappear from Weland -check out video

Post May 26th '14, 18:30

Weland 1.4.1, Mono 2.10.11, and OS X 10.9.3 work fine here. I could've sworn I tested 2.10.11 before, but maybe I got it wrong.

The icons still disappear for me with 3.4.0 (either MDK or MRE). I tested on my Late 2010 MacBook Air, and on a Mid 2011 Mac mini. In both cases, installing 2.10.11 restores the correct behavior. Guess there are reasons 3.x isn't out of beta!
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Post Jan 3rd '15, 21:01

Eureka! In looking at this older thread again, something popped out at me. I tried recompiling, reinstalling apps, etc. Nothing brought back my icons for placed items in Weland. Until now!

It never occurred to me to check the version of Mono. Turns out I was using the latest version of Mono (3.x.x). And I guess that does not play well with weland. Also, the other thing that confused me previously, is that there is no 2.10.11 version out on SourceForge in the Archived Versions area. It only lists up to 2.10.9 in the Archive. So, on a whim I googled it and found 2.10.11 here (links on this page)

The actual link for what I installed (MRE version) is here: I installed this on Yosemite (OS X 10.10) and now all works fine!!!

This is awesome since now I can go through my levels and fix extra items that I simply could not see before and make item placement make more sense!! :)

I just wanted to share this since I know others are having trouble with this bug as well. :)

treellama wrote:Weland 1.4.1 is working just fine with the latest stable version of Mono (2.10.11) in OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 here. No problems displaying icons.

It's also working fine for me with the beta version of Mono 3.4.0. Maybe Mono 3.2 was a bad release?
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