Visual Mode "Error occured while saving"

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Visual Mode "Error occured while saving"

Post Apr 19th '14, 21:15

Whenever I try to save a level textures using the console command ".save level namehere", I get an error saying "An error occurred while saving the level" (or something similar). I can work around it by using a different file name. I have made sure to close Weland before opening Marathon.

Because of the workaround I suspect it cannot overwrite the original map file, but that doesn't make sense. Working like this forces me to juggle filenames around every time I switch between Weland and Visual Mode. What's wrong with my setup?

I'm using default non-administrator directories, and I've had this problem in XP, Windows 7 and 8 (8.1).

Thank you.

Post May 5th '14, 01:27

If you can't overwrite the file in VM.lua, you could just move your old map versions into another folder each time you start to make changes. You'll have a nice collection of progress and you can save with the same name. Could get annoying after a while tho :P
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Post Aug 13th '14, 21:16

It would have the not-too-dubious advantage of a sort of restorable paper trail every time you edit.
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