Horizontal moving platform

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Horizontal moving platform

Post May 5th '14, 22:48

Not sure, but any tricks about moving platforms in a conveyor belt fashion?
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Post May 6th '14, 02:51

Play Marathon Red.

Just make a line of platforms rise and fall sequentially REALLY, REALLY FAST.

What you get is a set of platforms that mimics a box on a conveyor belt.

Post May 6th '14, 03:23

moppmopp wrote:Play Marathon Red ALL THE TIME.

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Post May 6th '14, 04:08

It depends what you want exactly.

If you just want the floor to look like it's moving, you can set the texture mode to one of the 'slide' types like Horizontal Slide.

If you want to push monsters or the player around, you can use a liquid with a flow. You could make the liquid very shallow and change the texture to look like a conveyor belt.

If you want a mover that's suspended above the ground which can carry the player between points, you're looking for something the engine was definitely not built to do. However, you'll want to see what heliomass was able to do in this thread.
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Crater Creator

Post May 6th '14, 12:29

I made a map with Lua conveyor belts that pushed players along for a RyokoTK project that never saw the light of day. They were all flat on the ground, though; horizontally moving platforms is another thing altogether.
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Post May 7th '14, 02:02

Well, what I had in mind I realized isn't possible.
I'll just stick with flat on the ground movement then :P
Also, thanks for the other info guys. :)
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