What is Transfer Mode Period?

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What is Transfer Mode Period?

Post Mar 6th '15, 15:57

In the Shapes files, what does Transfer Mode Period do, exactly?

The help balloon in Anvil says: "If the transfer mode requires timing, enter the period (in ticks) for the mode here."

I know what transfer mode is, but I can't figure this out. I've played around with different large and small values for the transfer mode period, but it doesn't seem to have a noticeable effect.

Context: I have a Hunter that is subtly invisible when standing, walking, and firing, but is drawn normal when "being hit", dying, and dead. I thought maybe if I played with the transfer mode that he would be drawn "normal" for a longer period of time after "being hit", even into his walking animation (as though his cloaking takes time to recharge), but that is not the case.

Anyone know what this period is for?
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Post Mar 6th '15, 19:25

Looking at the code, the period plays a role in removing one-time effects, like the sounds of a water splash or lamp breaking. It also impacts how fast the slide/wobble animations play, which is what the balloon help was referring to. All those modes would look awful applied to sprites, and the code seems to do something a little different than what Anvil implies, so I'm doubtful that part works properly.
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