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Post Oct 21st '09, 23:55

I created a remake of Stair Fortress and figured I'd post it here to see if there's any useful feedback. I hosted it once on the metaserver and people left in disgust. I made a few improvements since then, but I really don't see what's so bad about this map.

Edit: Since no one could come up with any reasons why this is bad, it is now on Simplici7y.
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Post Oct 22nd '09, 13:32

I wish I could pin point the problem with this map. I think it's fantastic, and when I hosted it the metaserver filled instantly with one other player. Things seemed to be going well, but after three minutes he quit, leaving me to fend for myself for two minutes. Laters on back in the metaserver lobby he claimed leaving the game early was an innocent accident, then immediately left the lobby. I'm not convinced it was accident. Perhaps whatever the problem is it's best left unsaid?
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