Making a door that opens after 15 minutes

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Making a door that opens after 15 minutes

Post Dec 12th '17, 00:45

For a project of mine I need the player to be trapped in a section of the map for about 10-15 minutes (preferably 15 minutes(yes, I know that's a very long amount of time)) before being able to leave. I'm trying to create a door that opens after 15 minutes but it doesn't seem possible? The slowest speed a door will operate on seems to be 0.100 WU/sec. If you set it on anything lower, it defaults back to 0.000. And although Weland will accept 900 seconds on the delay timer, I've noticed that anything longer than seemingly 60 seconds seems to break the door and it won't open at all. Any ways around this or are my dreams crushed?
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Post Dec 12th '17, 00:58

I'd use lua, personally. You could probably also do some ghetto setup where there's a chain of doors that each activate adjacent platforms and have a delay. The last one in the chain would be the one the player needs to get through.
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Post Dec 12th '17, 16:39

Platforms can trigger adjacent platforms. So, clunky solution would be:

Create Platform 1 and Platform 2. Platform 1 is the door the players will walk through. Platform 2 is a platform adjacent to it, hidden from the players' view, and extended the full height of a map (-9WU to 9WU). Adjust 2's speed so that the time it takes for it to move its entire length ends up being 15 minutes; make 2 activate adjacent platform "on deactivate" or whatever the setting is, this will activate Platform 1 once Platform 2 finishes moving.

You can adjust the height of Platform 2 if you want to make the calculations easier. Like, you could set its total height from -5WU to 5WU which is an increment of ten. You can also create series of Platforms 3, 4, 5, etc. to extend your time further, each one activating the one next to it when it stops moving. Also, making the platform "deactivate at original level" will make it travel twice as long as "deactivate at each level".

I'm doing this quickly in my head so my math might be wrong, but a platform extending from -9 to 9WU traveling at 0.1 WU/s should take 3 minutes to finish moving. So, if you have 6 platforms, with 2-6 being hidden platforms (that deactivate at each level) meant to just kill time, and Platform 1 being the door that the player actually sees and which opens after 15 minutes, then that should work.

There's a lot you can do with platforms (including creating day/night cycles) if you just understand all the tricks.
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Post Dec 13th '17, 01:05

Thank you both for your info. I think I found a way around the issue though, as this project is for the survi val game mode and I've set certain enemies to spawn around 15 minute which drop uplink chips you can use to unlock said door. I think this technique should suit me in this instance but I'll keep in mind the adjacent platform trick if I need to use it down the road.
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