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Finnish Voice Acting

Post Jun 7th '18, 09:03

I need some voices for a total conversion (No not Green(Not Yet at-least)). I need some lines for the BOB and VAC replacers in the Finnish language. The voices should be a-little high pitched, coming out of a Lynx like race.

Let's start with the BOB

2 Wailing
2 Screams
3 Hurts

Move it!
No pauses!
I’ll go!

Trash Talk:
Gotcha Fiend!
There we go!
Got it!
I can’t believe I got it.

Ops. Sorry.
Always in the way.

There! Enemy!
Get them down!
Face me!

Clear off!
You’re standing in my way!

Stop Shooting Me You Bastard:
That wasn’t nice.
Ouch! Really?!
That hurts!

Area Secure:
Okay, we’re clear!
Good work fellas!
And up I go.
I’m alive!

Kill The Player:
There he is!
There she is! (Optional for female character)
You’re going down!

Voice these lines in Finnish. And don't complain about me not giving out any information about the project. I will reveal them later on.
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