Opening ancient Marathon Maps

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Opening ancient Marathon Maps

Post Nov 21st '18, 22:53

Found some old maps I want to crack open for fun and get this error in Weland:

Unable to read beyond the end of the stream.

at System.IO.BinaryReader.ReadByte()
at BinaryReaderBE.ReadUInt32()
at Weland.Wadfile.DirectoryEntry.LoadChunks(BinaryReaderBE reader)
at Weland.Wadfile.Load(String filename)
at Weland.MapWindow.OpenFile(String filename)
at Weland.MapWindow.OnOpen(Object obj, EventArgs args)

Opening these maps in A1 crashes the program, no error. Tried removing and readding the file suffix and no dice.

Wondering if it has something to do with how it was saved in Forge back then and if it's possible to import it into Sheepshaver, resave without the .sceA, and apply it in my main OS?
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