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Post Apr 1st '10, 04:15

I'm currently contemplating 2 ideas at the moment.

1. Mapping for Aleph one.

2. Making a marathon based map for Duke Nukem 3D.

For the first one, is there anyone who has done mapping for both platforms that can give me an idea about the similarity/differences between the two? I gather they can't be all that different, even though from what I've read there's no modern, full map editor, which I have to say is discouraging.

And for the second question, which map do you think is the best that I should try and make in eduke32?
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Post Apr 1st '10, 04:53

There is actually a modern map editor, Weland.
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Post Apr 1st '10, 09:49

I've mapped for both. Here's some differences from the top of my head:

In build, you can create polygons of any sizes, but in marathon a polygon must be of maximum of 8 sides (an octogon).
In build you can make polygons of any patterns, but in marathon a polygon must be convex.
In build you can place polygons inside other polygons and that's it. In weland you have to connect all polygons with other polygons.
In build you apply heights in visual mode. In marathon you apply heights in drawmode.
In build there's a visual mode you can switch to and apply textures. If you use weeland, you have to texture the levels by using alephone + a lua script called "visual mode lua"
In build you can make sloping surfaces, this is impossible in marathon.
In build if you want a liquid you can dive into, you must make two separate rooms and apply some code. In marathon you just make an empty pool and apply a liquid to it. It is much easier.

I learnt dukenukem mapping after I learnt marathon mapping. Took some weeks to learn the differences,but it wasn't too difficult. I think you'll learn pretty fast.

I recommend you learn weland and visual mode lua. They're the best mapping tools around.
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Post Apr 1st '10, 12:29

Ok, I've decided I'll give it a go. I guess I'll have to look around for some tutorials, though just to be clear polygons are the same as sectors right? I think the biggest change for me will be editing the heights in draw mode, that should be interesting to figure out :S

Though at the moment I'm quite busy, and my marathon in duke nukem level will have priority in those precious moments of free time, but I want to make at least one level for aleph one.
p.s thanks for the advice.
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Post Apr 1st '10, 13:17

There is no manual for Weland, but you should read through the Forge manual. Get it here. Forge is the official editor (buggy/must be run in <Mac OS 9), and Weland is very similar. That site also has Forge video tutorials, though they can be found on Youtube aswell.
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